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All FISHSTONE products at an overview

Dein individualisierbarer Baukasten für zuverlässige Steinmontagen

100% Bleifrei • Made in Germany • Alternative Biokunststoffe aus regenerativen Rohstoffen • Plastikfrei verpackt • Regional und fair

It is crucial for us to develop versatile fishing mounts according to a simple plug & play principle that function universally and, above all, reliably catch fish. Various small parts are combined with FISHSTONE’s fishing mounts in a universal modular system.

This means that you can cover almost all areas of angling, fishing in Iceland and Norway, but also many other areas with a flexible system. In carp fishing, our systems are especially used in the form of drop-off mounts. With FISHSTONE’s stone mounts you can play any fish on a free line and only need another stone for free to place the mount again. Especially on difficult lakes with many obstacles and break-offs, our lead alternatives are thus cost-effective and can be used with a clear conscience compared to conventional fishing accessories.

Mit FISHSTONE’s Universal Catfish System ohne binden und Reißleine auf Waller

For catfish fishing we have a complete range of stone and freestyle mounts, which also allow you to fish very quickly, flexibly and effectively. You save yourself the nerve-racking tying of countless stones and never again have to knot a ripcord with cold fingers. The release mechanisms have been extensively tested in practice, so you can be sure of a safe hooking effect when your catfish bites.

We offer our mounts in four different colours MUDDY, VEGGIE, ROCKY and SANDY. These colour types are based on the different water categories of mud lake, weedy lake, clay pond and gravel pit. The colours and shapes of the fishing systems blend in with the natural stone. Thus, our stone mounts offer the ideal stealth when fishing.

Would you like to know if our products are also available at your favourite fishing shop and buy your new stone mount directly there? You can find our sales partners here. Our products are available at all the shops listed there. You are the proud owner of a small fine or grand fishing shop and find the FISHSTONE products interesting for your assortment? Then becoming a partner is just the right thing for you.

FISHSTONE and its products are internationally protected by various property rights and patents.

Just scroll down and you will find an overview of our complete sets.

So you have everything you need at your fingertips and can get started with lead-free fishing straight away.

No more tying stones, no more ripcord. The revolutionary universal system for catfish fishing makes your everyday fishing easier. With this system you’ll be ready to go in seconds, extremely flexible and hook your catfish reliably.

  • Complete set for Subfloat mountings without ripcord
  • Any stone from 1kg – 5kg can be fixed easily in 10 seconds
  • Extremely fast, flexible and effective
  • Very reliable bite results
  • Can also be used as a freestyle system on overhanging branches
  • Innovative, organic, regional and fair! Made in Germany


Casting, Laying, Back Lead, Heli-rig, Safety Clip

FISHSTONE’s LOOP complete set is the universal mount for fishing without lead. This mount offers a versatile alternative to common drop or pear leads for ground fishing with stones. One LOOP kit covers all weights up to 500g instead of many different fishing leads. To adjust the wheight, simply replace the fishing stone and fix it with the different natural rubber straps, either firmly or releasably.

  • Alternative to pear or drop lead
  • Can also be used as a casting system with loss of weight in the fight
  • For powerful casts, additionally fix with FISHSTONE’s PVA Tape
  • For carp, predator and all-round anglers
  • Versatile use e.g. as spot marker, line sinker (back lead) etc.
  • Including FIX and SLIP system (fixed & drop-off mounting)


Ideal for laying down by boat or for short casts

Always fight on a free line. Effective, reliable and natural!

FISHSTONE’s ZIP complete set is particularly popular for carp fishing, as the stone reliably releases immediately after the bite thanks to an integrated lever mechanism. The ZIP system is based on common inline systems and is simply threaded onto the fishing line. By quickly changing the fishing stone, all fishing weights up to 500g are covered. For heavier weights up to 800g, it can be combined with the SLIP XL Rubber.

  • Fast and guaranteed release effect of the stone due to integrated lever mechanism
  • Perfect for river fishing with heavy weights and short pendulum casts
  • As a running or self-hooking mount
    For carp and all-round anglers
  • Can be used inline without additional parts
  • Including FIX and SLIP system (fixed & drop-off mounting)



Developed and optimised together with sea fishing veteran Torsten Ahrens for lead-free fishing in saltwater. Can also be used at great depths. Especially suitable for natural lure systems and paternosters. Reduces the break-offs and thus your loss of lead in the water.

  • GLOW in the dark – effect for extra attraction
  • Travel light – collect stones on the spot instead of lots of lead weights
  • Tension adjustable from 300-900g
  • Easy to use for depths over 100m
  • Suitable for Hailbutt, Seawolf, Monkfish, Ling, Cod
  • Weight dropping on strong fish for increased chances of catching them
  • Can also be used as a butt spoon and paternoster weight with FIX rubber
Of course, we also offer all our products as single parts.

On this page you can put together your own ideal combination.

As single parts you will find:
  • All our Body Adapters – for the connection with the fishing line
  • All our Rubbers – for clamping the stones
  • As well as other small parts such as – FISHSTONE PVA Tape for extra fixation on strong casts, natural rubber baitstops for bait fixation or suitable pre-sorted stones if you don’t feel like collecting them yourself.

FISHSTONE’s philosophy on products, production and development

A holistic, sustainable approach to business begins in production

FISHSTONE’s fishing products are made from ecologically sustainable materials. This means all our materials used are biologically produced, as biologically harmless as possible and degradable in the long term. We use natural rubber products and various biologically produced and best possible degradable bioplastics. Just as the constant optimisation of our systems is a high demand on ourselves, we also continuously develop our materials and are in active exchange with our suppliers to further improve our ecological footprint.

Production takes place in-house at FISHSTONE. The bioplastic parts are manufactured using innovative 3D printing processes. Our products are packaged without plastic in a regional Berlin workshop for people with disabilities. We work with regional suppliers, keeping our supply chains short and keeping in touch with news and potential improvements.

Cooperation with universities, scientific institutions and professional test teams

The development of our products also takes place at the FISHSTONE headquarters in Berlin. Here we work together with students from the Technical University of Berlin. During the development process, the systems are put through their paces by experienced anglers in special test teams. This way, theory and practice merge into one effective unit in the product development. The qualified feedback from our team on the water guarantees reliable and practically flawless products. Only when all team members involved in the development process are satisfied do we present our products to the market.

Active contact with the angling community for constant optimisation

Even after the market launch, we always keep an open ear and are in close contact with the committed angling community. Every hint and suggestion is listened to in order to discover further potential for optimisation. Customer satisfaction is our key to success. 100% LEAD-FREE fishing does not only mean acting consciously and taking responsibility. For us, it also means ensuring that our products are superior to old methods and that switching to our systems is a practically sensible decision. We ourselves are passionate anglers and simply want our products to be fun to use on the water.