Our single parts

Experienced stone chiselers will find exactly what they are looking for here. Put together your own individual kit!

You already know your way around FISHSTONE? Here you will find our fishing systems in all their parts.

Combine them yourself and put together exactly the right solution for you. For example, use our ZIP body with the SLIP rubber to cast off with the boat for carp or our 3XweLs rubber for the really big lumps. For beginners, we recommend our complete sets.


Adapter for fishing line

ZIP – Inline adapter for the boat and light casts, fighting on free line

LOOP – drop adapter for casting, back lead, heli-rig and safety clips

XXweLs – adapter for catfishing without tying and ripcord, clamp any stones in seconds

FISHSTONE’s Natural Rubber

Rubbers to clamp the stones are combined with the bodies

SLIP – For drop off assemblies and fighting on free line

FIX – For fixed clamping for casting

2XweLs – For stones up to 2,5kg

3XweLs – For stones up to 5kg

FREESTYLE – For tensioning on overhanging branches

Other useful small parts

Useful additions to FISHSTONE mounts

PVA – For fixing the stones during strong casts, distance and still lose weight in the fight

Baitstops – For fixing the bait made of natural rubber

FISHSTONES – Pre-sorted stones in selected colours

With FISHSTONE’s individual parts, you can put together your own personal favourite assembly. Here you can buy spare parts and refill your FISHSTONE box. Our 3XweLs Rubber is the final piece in our natural rubber range. For catfishing, you can use this powerful strap in combination with our XXweLs Body to attach stones up to 5kg to the subfloat mount. No tying stones! No ripcord!