Our Complete Sets

Our recommendation for beginners in fishing with stones

Are you an all-rounder or a curious beginner? Here you will find our customised complete sets. This gives you the opportunity to try out FISHSTONE systems with all their components and find out the best combinations for your fishing conditions and preferences.

If you already know your way around or know exactly what you need, then you can find our single pieces to combine yourself here.


Inline system for the boat or short casts, with reliable release of the weight during the fight


Drop weight for clips, heli-rigs, for casting, line sinking and much more


Universal Catfish System for catfishing without tying stones and ripcord

Norway Package

Optimised for natural lures in Norway, Iceland, fjord and sea

The all-round champion for stone mounts – FISHSTONE’s LOOP complete set

Our complete sets consist of the respective bodies (adapters), which you attach to your fishing line, a mixture of different natural rubbers and other small parts. Our LOOP system can be used for casting, launching with the boat, hooking into anti tangle booms, for dead baiting, as a marker weight, sinker or many others. Give free rein to your creativity with our flexible systems.