What does that actually mean? Team? Crew? Member? How does it work at FISHSTONE?

FISHSTONE is a community project, because environmental protection concerns us all!

My vision of FISHSTONE is a community project that includes everyone with open arms who finds our cause worth supporting. Because preserving nature and our waters – that is a cause that concerns us all! Why should we exclude good people by clearly separating a team?

We gratefully welcome any commitment. None of our guys and gals has a contract or anything like that. Everyone who wants to support us is welcome! It’s only because of all the great feedback and support that we’ve come this far in the first place!

You like our way? Then mention us or simply report about FISHSTONE or your experiences. If you link us, we’ll notice it. We are happy every time we suddenly come across something like this. Repeat this a few times and we might write you a grateful message or just give you a call. Many of our current collaborations have come about this way. Some are also over again and that’s ok. Everyone who supports us gets my sincere gratitude and maybe someday a thank-you package or we even develop a great cooperation.

What I want to say is: A relationship develops – whether it is a friendship, a partnership or a business relationship. If it is good, it becomes more intense and closer. This is also how the relationships with all those I now clearly count as part of the FISHSTONE crew came about.

That doesn’t mean, write two posts about FISHSTONE and you belong to the close crew. No, it means, if you like it, then just go along with us and we’ll see what happens. I myself invest all my energy, even my life, in my baby FISHSTONE. Because that’s what it’s all about. Not about success or enrichment. It’s about responsibly standing up for one’s ideals and selflessly pursuing them. You are cordially invited! When time brings forth something good, we like to return the favour.

One thing is fact: people who are good to each other and support each other can build something together! And yes – preferably even like different characters, because that’s the only way we can see the whole picture from different angles. That’s my sense of community and in the end a team is nothing more than a great functioning community, isn’t it? So join in and become a FISHSTONE ambassador!

Many greetings and to our community!
Your Karsten in gratitude to the best crew in the world!