Alternative Bioplastics


Made in Germany

Plastic-free Packaging

Regional and fair

ZIP-KIT (complete set)

For two fishing rods plus additional parts


Ideal for laying down by boat or for short casts

· Fast and guaranteed release effect of the stone as SLIP system (Drop Off)

· Perfectly suited for river fishing with heavy weights and short pendulum casts

· As a running or self-hooking mount

· For carp, predator and all-round anglers

· Can be used inline without additional parts

· Including FIX and SLIP system (fixed & drop-off mounting)

Always fight on a free line. Effective, reliable and natural!

FISHSTONE’s ZIP complete set is our versatile stone-based fishing system, ideal for launching by boat or for short underhand casts. It is particularly popular for carp fishing, as the stone releases reliably immediately after the bite thanks to an integrated lever mechanism. However, the ZIP can also be used in many areas for all-rounders.

FISHSTONE’s ZIP system is based on common inline systems and is simply threaded onto the fishing line. It also works as a running mount for fishing with baitfish, as well as a self-hooking mount for carp. Various natural rubber straps are included in this complete set for this purpose. All fishing weights up to 500g are covered by quickly changing the fishing stone.

With a ZIP complete kit you are ready to start discovering the world of stone fishing. All you need is a rod and a hook and you’re ready to go. Have fun on your next new fishing adventure.


available in MUDDY, VEGGIE, ROCKY or SANDY



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· 2 x Body in the selected colour

· 6 x wire pin

· 2 x swivels

· 3 x FIX natural rubber straps in the selected colour

(1 x S 10 – 40 g | 1 x M 40 – 100g | 1 x L 100 – 350g )

· 3 x SLIP natural rubber straps in the selected colour

(1 x M 40 – 100g | 2 x L 100 – 500g )

· 3 x FISHSTONES in the selected colour

(1 x S 10 – 40 g | 1 x M 40 – 100g | 1 x L 100 – 350g )