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Alternative Bioplastics

Plastic-free Packaging

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LOOP-KIT (complete set)

For two fishing rods plus additional parts


Casting, dropping, back lead – the universal stone mount

· Alternative to pear or drop lead

· Also for heli-rigs and safety clips

· Can also be used as a casting system with loss of weight during the fight

· For carp, predator and all-round anglers

· Versatile use e.g. as spot marker, line sinker (back lead) etc.

· Including FIX and SLIP system (fixed & drop-off mounting)

Extremely flexible lead alternative for fishing with stones

Clamp into our natural rubber bag (FIX Rubber) for casting.

Or, clamp into our natural rubber strap (SLIP Rubber) for casting, dropping or as a back lead for deflecting and lowering the line.

For extra grip on strong casts, fix with FISHSTONE’s PVA.

FISHSTONE’s LOOP complete set is the universal mount for fishing without a lead. This assembly offers a versatile alternative to common drop or pear leads for bottom fishing with stones. One LOOP kit covers all weights up to 500g instead of many different fishing leads. Simply replace the fishing stone and mount it fixed or releasable with the different natural rubber straps.

Furthermore, the LOOP kit contains the innovative SLIP system, a special application as a lead-free drop-off mount for fishing with stones. With a little PVA tape, FISHSTONE’s LOOP system can easily be used as a drop-off casting mount with stones. You can find the instructions HERE on our YouTube Channel.

For fishing difficult fishing spots or with boat traffic, this fishing system is also ideal as a drop-off lowering weight (back lead) or drop-off deflection weight.

Our LOOP kit can be used to fix anything you can think of. Use it with a floating ball to fish with floating bread, as a spot marker to mark the feeding spot. Use your imagination.

This versatile kit is a real all-round champion for fishing lead-free and can be used in almost all target fish areas of the sit-on angling – whether for whitefish, eel fishing, bottom-mounting for zander or as a carp drop-off system with stones.


available in MUDDY, VEGGIE, ROCKY or SANDY



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· 2 x Body in the selected colour

· 2 x wire pin

· 2 x carabiner

· 2 x bead

· 4 x swivel

· 3 x FIX natural rubber straps in the selected colour
(1 x S 10 – 40g | 1 x M 40 – 100g | 1 x L 100 – 350g )

· 3 x SLIP natural rubber straps in the selected colour
(1 x M 40 – 100g | 2 x L 100 – 500g )

· 3 x FISHSTONES in the selected colour
(1 x S 10 – 40g | 1 x M 40 – 100g | 1 x L 100 – 350g )