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Norwegen Special Package (complete set)

For two fishing rods


Stone assembly for Norway, Iceland and the sea

· GLOW in the dark – effect for extra attraction

· Travelling light

· Collect stones on the spot instead of many lead weights

· Norway Rubber tension adjustable from 300-900g

· Easy to use for depths over 100m

· Suitable for hailbut, wolffish, monkfish, ling, cod

· Can also be used as a butter spoon with e.g. FIX M

Recommended by Torsten Ahrens!

Now new, specially optimised body and natural rubber for Norway, Iceland and the sea.

· New LOOP L body for better handling

· New optimised Norway Rubber for a secure hold up to 900g

· Weight release for strong fish for increased catching chances

Version Old & Good: Fully functional and successfully used in Iceland and Norway!

Contents: SLIP XL and LOOP Body

Lead-free fishing in Norway, Iceland and the sea with the stone mount

Lead-free fishing in Norway, Iceland and the sea with the stone mount

For our stone mounts for fishing in Norway, Iceland and the sea we are happy to have the competent support of Norway veteran Torsten Ahrens! Torsten is a team angler as well as responsible for the sea programme of the company Jenzi Dega and probably, as his incredible photos show, an expert in the field with decades of experience. He has examined our systems thoroughly in these fishing worlds and wrote us the following:

“Sea fishing without lead! Fishstone makes it possible.

My first attempts were successful from the first minute. The disadvantage that a stone is almost twice as big as a lead in terms of volume can be easily compensated for, e.g. by using thinner lines or reducing the size of the lure. The advantages, on the other hand, are absolutely “naturally” convincing.

No more losing lead in the sea, one stone more or less doesn’t matter and almost always the rubber is brought back up for the next stone.

In the meantime, the cost of lead is not insignificant and taking it on the plane makes the luggage unnecessarily heavy. Collecting the stones on the spot is done quickly and the loss of a stone is not felt as annoying.

Personally, I carry a small amount of lead with me, but whenever possible I prefer to fish with stone and the natural lure systems we have developed because of the environment. You too can help, protect the environment, use the Fishy Fishing Stone Norway with a luminescent loop body and the bio-rubber with three holes for length adjustment.

It’s always worth a try 🙂

Petri Heil & big fish


Torsten Ahrens”

WOW! We’ll just leave it at that, beaming with joy. Get in on the action, order your first Norway Special Package and change your mind!

available with GLOW effect


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Version Optimised

– 2 x LOOP L -Body made of fluorescent GLOW material – glows in the dark

– 3 x wire pin

– 2 x swivels

– 2 x Norway natural rubber (300-900 g)

Version Old & Good:

– 2 x LOOP Body made of fluorescent GLOW material – glows in the dark

– 3 x wire pin

– 2 x swivels

– 2 x SLIP XL natural rubber (300-800 g)