A voyage of discovery into the versatile adventure of angling – 100% LEAD-FREE with the stone mount.

In our series FISHSTONE’s Fishing Worlds you can expect lots of fishing adventures. In these fishing videos we go to the most diverse conditions on the most diverse waters to discover lead-free fishing with the stone mount together.

One day we realised that it’s not so much a lack of interest or willingness that keeps anglers from switching to FISHSTONE’s stone mounts, but the simple uncertainty and lack of insight into how to best go about it and how our fishing systems work.

In each episode of FISHSTONE’s Fishing Worlds we show you a video on fishing with the stone mount in a very specific condition and how we go about it in order to fish successfully without lead.

In the process, we encounter hurdles and obstacles ourselves over and over again, but with the goal in mind, we find a way, usually a rocky one in the end.

With the necessary portion of humour, lots of fishing action and impressive fish, we experience countless journeys, great and special moments with fantastic people as well as lessons that turn our world upside down. This is how we discover our passion from a new perspective and move step by step towards a lead-free, sustainable future.

Watch our latest episode here! – On Seawolf in Iceland

Trailer SERIES 2

Trailer SERIES 1

FISHSTONE’s Fishing Worlds Season 2

My journey through the fishing worlds continues. A year, countless fishing trips, great fish, great companions, fantastic adventures and lots of action.

It was once again the trip of a lifetime and we have captured all the breathtaking, exciting, funny and fascinating moments for you. We wish you lots of fun and great entertainment. The motto remains:

100% lead-free and environmentally conscious fishing.

While I was working on this season’s trailer, I realised once again what a great movement FISHSTONE has put together with you. It is overwhelming to review my 2021 fishing year. I am incredibly grateful for the incredible support.

Karsten and the FISHSTONE crew

Sea fishing in Iceland for sea wolf

Casting at the Bigfish Pool

Successful casting with FISHSTONE’s LOOP

Distance casting with semi-fixed stone mounting

Successfully casting with stones

Bite after bite in Croatia

With the Spomb to success

Throwing stones to distance

Stone Assembly at Croatian Casting Lake

On catfish on the Neckar

On catfish in strong current

Groyne fishing for catfish

Launching with the boat for carp

Carp fishing from the boat

Catfish at long distance

On catfish at the overgrown river

Herring fishing with paternoster


FISHSTONE’s Fishing Worlds Season 1

Fishing worlds are probably as versatile as people and nature itself. I wanted to discover them. As a passionate angler, founder of FISHSTONE and manufacturer of 100% LEAD-FREE fishing mounts, I wanted to experience what angling means to a wide variety of people. I wanted to get to know its facets, explore its versatility and simply live the adventure. So in 2020 I set off on a journey of discovery, which we have documented for you in this fishing series.

I wanted to learn how to fish with FISHSTONE systems without lead in a wide variety of conditions. I got myself great companions and teachers who show face and have the courage to get involved in something new. They show me their fishing worlds and let me dive into them. We philosophise about the meaning of fishing beyond catching, the added values and the respective personal connections. We discuss mounts, rigs, strategies, the fishing scene and life itself. In the process, each episode has its own unique character.

One mission, however, is always the same:

Lead-free fishing with FISHSTONE’s stone mounts successfully in any condition.

It is a maturing process that we transfer to you one-to-one. Both cinematically, personally, entrepreneurially and as a developer, but also especially in terms of fishing, the decision to go this way was exactly right! I have learned an infinite amount and had an incredible time. Thank you to all the great people who are part of my journey. They make it the fabulous experience it is with their commitment and support!

Become part of our collective development from the first step! Experience our obstacles and failures, but also moments full of euphoria and enthusiasm. We present angling as it is – close, direct, authentic, human.

Come with us on this journey through the fishing worlds of Germany and Europe.

Carp fishing on a private lake in Austria

Carp fishing on a private lake in Austria

Carp fishing on a private lake in Austria

With the boat in Slovakia for carp

Carp with boat on deep, clear gravel lake

Boat fishing on the extremely woody river for carp

Boat fishing on the extremely woody river for carp

Boat fishing on the extremely woody river for carp

Groyne fishing on the Elbe

Throwing and commuting on the Rhine and Neckar

From the houseboat on a giant expanse of water

Casting at the busy canal

Swing directly into the stone pack

Canal fishing for carp

Small unknown lake

Water lily fields at the oxbow lake

Large fish population and high fishing pressure

Heavily stocked forest lake

Clear, weedy clay lake

Allround at the Clay Lake

By boat on the 700ha lake