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Alternative Bioplastics

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SLIP (single part)

Three pieces per bag


Natural rubber for drop off mounts – fighting without weight

· Clamping of any stones in combination with FISHSTONE’s LOOP or ZIP Bodies

· Environmentally friendly drop-off mounting

· Allows fishing on lily pads, hidden reed beds, logs and weed edges

· SLIP XL with tension adjustable weight release point up to 800 G – For long distance, strong currents or great depths

· For carp, predator and all-round anglers, Norway and sea

· Countless other applications e.g. as a sinker or marker weight

The rubber for fighting on free fishing line

With FISHSTONE’s LOOP Body for casting, discarding or as a back lead.

With FISHSTONE’s ZIP Body for setting out from a boat or for short casts.

For beginners we recommend our complete sets. HERE you can go directly to the right page and find all the information.

FISHSTONE’s SLIP is your new rubber for carp fishing with natural stones. This fishing rubber is the basis of the SLIP system – the ecologically sustainable drop-off assembly. You can catch carp with this rubber, but also use it as a drop-off in channels or as a drop-off deflector, e.g. for fishing in lily pads. You can suddenly reach hidden reed banks, logs and herb edges.

Our SLIP is available in three sizes. Our XL rubber has three holes for adjustable tension to the release point of the stone. This allows stones up to 800g to be fixed with varying degrees of firmness.

Single parts

available in MUDDY, VEGGIE, ROCKY or SANDY

Stones of the following sizes are suitable for our natural rubber straps:

M 40-100 g

L 100-500 g

XL 300-800 g



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· 3 x Natural rubber straps in the selected colour and size