Made in Germany

Alternative Bioplastics

Regional and fair

Plastic-free Packaging


30 pieces per bag


Baitstops for bait fixation

· Natural rubber baitstops with 10 mm diameter

· Two different strengths

· Soft 1 mm and Strong 2,5 mm

· Simply pull over the hook tip

· Bait stays securely on the hook

Natural rubber plates to securely fixing the bait on the hook

We offer you our natural rubber baitstops with a diameter of 10mm to fix the bait securely on the hook. Natural rubber is a very flexible and robust biologically produced material. After attaching your bait to the hook, simply pull one of our stopper plates over the tip of the hook for a secure hold.

We offer our Baitstops in two thicknesses. The soft version is 1mm thick and easy to pierce. It can also be torn off the hook without any problems when baiting a new hook.

The strong version is for those of you who want that extra bit of security. It is 3mm thick and sits particularly firmly on the hook. For release, this version is pulled backwards over the tip of the hook. With the Strong Baitstops your bait sits bomb proof.


available in soft and strong


– 30 x Baitstops in the selected strength