Complete set for beginners

For three fishing rods including various rubbers for subfloat mounts

Body single part

Fishing line adapter to combine with your ideal rubber size

2XweLs Rubber

Stones from 1 to 2.5 kg, quick release, bait fish up to 25cm

3XweLs Rubber

The rougher version up to 5kg for big lures with a slightly stronger release mechanism.

Freestyle Rubber

For tensioning on overhanging branches without modification

New product available from Saturday 28.05. – XXweLs LINE SINKER – More info below!

Are you fed up with tying stones on every catfish trip?

You don’t want to leave any more lines and ripcords in the water?

You want to be able to attach any stone to your mount in no time at all? – Without slipping or tearing off when checking!

You’re tired of fiddling around and want a system you can rely on?

Find out more about FISHSTONE’s innovative XXweLs – UNIVERSAL CATFISH SYSTEM! Make your fishing sustainable and practically effective!

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Well thought out, optimised and ready to use for everyone.

With FISHSTONE’s XXweLs mounts, time-consuming experience with different ripcords is a thing of the past. Whether you’re a pro on the giant rivers or a complete beginner. With this system, you’re ready to go right away and have a reliable mount that will get you the fish on the hook!

Whether it’s a small pike or a big catfish – the system releases reliably when you get a bite and sets the stone free. With the different natural rubbers you can flexibly adjust your weight from one to five kilograms to your condition in seconds. You have the option of varying between different release strengths and adapting to the size of the lure.

Putting out and setting down, pulling into the stone pack as well as quick checking and lifting of the assembly are all possible without any problems. To knock the stone out of the system during retrieval, simply attach the rubber to the outer edge of the stone.

In addition, you can use the FREESTYLE Rubber to tie to overhanging branches without modification, giving you even more flexibility.

Stop wrapping and just try it!

The road to success

Many months of work by more than 20 people, countless ideas, discussions, setbacks and successes, persistent innovative inventiveness, my entry into catfishing and an indescribable development journey….

… All of this is now behind us and we are proud to present FISHSTONE’s XXweLs – Universal Catfish System. We have done our homework and are convinced to deliver a revolutionary product that will change your catfishing forever.

In just a few seconds you can attach any stone up to 5kg securely to the mount. You can reliably lower and raise the stone on the main line. Tension your fishing rod without hesitation and the stone is reliably released directly with the bite. The FISHSTONE catfish system remains completely intact. This means you can start fishing for the next catfish right away without any preparation. It couldn’t be easier!

In addition, you can attach our XXweLs system to overhanging branches just as easily and effectively for freestyle fishing. This makes you even more flexible on the move.

No more annoying knots, no more ripcords in the water, no more annoying tearing or slipping out. Everything is made from organic materials and produced regionally – support your local hero.

Become part of a real change. Support innovation and make your fishing easy, effective and sustainable! Have fun with your new catfish system.

Here you can find the opinions of our development team and all further information: Youtube – Channel

Karsten and

XXweLs Line Sinker

Clamping, hooking, lowering – Reliable when things have to go fast!

FISHSTONE’s catfish development journey continues. Our XXweLs system was just the kick-off for a whole range of catfishing products. And here is the next test box.

With this line sinker you save yourself the trouble of wraping and preparing a lot of stones, you don’t have to tie a ripcord and you’re ready to go in no time.

Simply clamp a stone weighing up to two kilograms in the natural rubber and hook the sinker onto the line using the carabiner provided. It couldn’t be easier.
You can also use the line sinker to redirect your line around a fixed point. For example, if you want to give the fish a certain pressure direction, like when fishing upstream in the river or to lead it away from special obstacles.

Have fun trying. We look forward to your feedback!
Karsten and

Stop wrapping and try it!