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FISHSTONE’s XXweLs Line Sinker TESTBOX (complete set)


Line Lowering and deflecting – quickly and without preparation

· Never tie a stone again

· Lowering without ripcord

· Large carabiner for fast handling

· Extremely fast, flexible and effective

· Any stone up to 2kg can be fixed easily in 10 seconds

· Can also be used as a pulley, e.g. on branches

· Innovative, organic, regional and fair! Made in Germany

Clamping, hooking, lowering – Reliable when things have to go fast!

FISHSTONE’s catfish development journey continues. Our XXweLs system was just the kick-off for a whole range of catfishing products. And here is the next test box.

With this line sinker you save yourself the trouble of wraping and preparing a lot of stones, you don’t have to tie a ripcord and you’re ready to go in no time.

Simply clamp a stone weighing up to two kilograms in the natural rubber and hook the sinker onto the line using the carabiner provided. It couldn’t be easier.
You can also use the line sinker to redirect your line around a fixed point. For example, if you want to give the fish a certain pressure direction, like when fishing upstream in the river or to lead it away from special obstacles.

Have fun trying. We look forward to your feedback!
Karsten and


Application instructions for stone fixation

Natural stone vs. brick

Our Line Sinker does not have an opening mechanism, but the stone slips out of the rubber band. It is important how you clamp the stone!

  • Round natural stones slip out of the system quite easily, therefore we recommend placing the rubber at approx. one third to one quarter of the stone length.
    • This causes the stone to rotate out of the rubber when jerked strongly.
  • Square bricks or bricks with a rough surface bring a much stronger bond.
    • Clamp the brick right at the edge (1-2cm from the edge). So that it is reliably getting loose
  • Basically, the rules apply: The further along the edge, the easier it is for the stone to release, and the proof of the pudding is in the eating.
Stone weight

We have specified two kilograms as the maximum weight in the instructions, as the load-bearing capacity of the rubber reaches its limits at higher weights in order to lift the stone safely on the carabiner. Basically, however, the following applies:

The heavier the stone, the better it releases due to its higher inertia.

You can certainly try heavier stones. In the water they are lighter again and the rubber withstands the tension of the rod.

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· 1 x XXweLs – Line Sinker Body

· 1 x Swivel

· 2 x wire pin

· 1 x carabiner

· 2 x Line Sinker Rubber

( < 2 kg)