By chance, I, Karsten Jaszkowiak, came into contact with fishing with stones in 2014. The primal thought of fishing with stones captured my fascination straight away. Initially, I spent 1 year fishing with simple prototypes and was thrilled with the results. During an unbelievable carp fishing session in August 2014, my line ran 24 times within a week. Amongst others, I caught a 112 cm long, 17 kg heavy grass carp – my record to date. The decision was made. I’ll start a business to develop fishing equipment, and design a well thought out, reliable stone fishing rig for fishing carp.


I began working and the idea developed further. My vision quickly grew larger and I began to grasp the implications of the project. It became clear to me that I couldn’t manage the growing task alone. However, the search for a suitable business partner proved harder than I’d hoped. Luckily, every year I organise a small round of poker with family and friends. It dawned on me that a very reliable and passionate fishing mate sat across the table from me every year, during which time he once again relieved me of my hard earned cash. I initiated Martin, and every time we met up his enthusiasm for the idea grew. In February 2016 we founded a business for ecological sustainable fishing equipment, and FISHSTONE was born.

Working together, the vision was developed further, and our idea grew ever closer to a brilliant concept for fishing equipment based on natural stones. At least initially in our minds; with an ever growing concept, the amount of work to turn it into reality also grew. We worked well over 40 hours on it per week, found ingenious solutions to our problems, then rejected them once again. Over and over again. The most demoralising part of developing good fishing tackle was the amount of times we thought we had reached our goal, only to discover another weakness. Every single prototype was put through its’ paces by ourselves and a select few inducted friends.

The first half of the year did not go well, but we persevered in developing our fishing tackle, driven by the will to develop an outstanding product. And so, the number of successful catches began to increase once again. We became ever more successful with our equipment, from the basics of fishing, to catching eel all the way to landing carp. In one of many nights of all round testing, we had roach, perch, eels, a pike and even a small catfish on the hook. In the 3rd quarter of the year we were landing a carp almost every night. We were overjoyed to have finished the functional prototyping after so many exhausting but successful nights of development. Following this milestone, we submitted several patent applications, being an important building block of our business, and celebrated like two little kings.

This was followed by many other work packages, from financing, production set-up, marketing, design creation and product finalisation. It has not always been easy, but we can now proudly present our matured natural fishing equipment based on the use of natural stones. We’ve put lotsof energy into delivering a special, reliable and innovative product. Being built on a modular concept, our fishing rigs can be combined with one another, are flexible and of course healthy for people and fish alike.

Triggered by its first exhibition presentations in the season 2017-18 ‘the’ FISHSTONE began to roll / gained momentum Already on our first carp exhibition we were simply overwhelmed by the fantastic encouragement, the openness for innovation and lots of positive reactions in regard to our concept and our systems. It felt like a release, taking a deep breath after a long period of investing. What began with the first exhibition continued throughout our first business year. At this point we want to express our deepest gratitude to our business partners for their trust, to our supporters attracting a lot of (market) attention for FISHSTONE and to every other companion. You constantly give us the feeling to be on the right track. Sadly, Martin quit FISHSTONE in summer 2018 for private reasons. We keep him in mind as a loyal founding member that helped to lay the foundation for something unbelievable. Together we have gained countless great experiences and Martin’s traces/footprints in FISHSTONE will remain forever. Thank you, Martin!

For 2019 further steps are prepared and the plan is clear. We will confidently keep following our trail based on your fantastic and helpful feedback and on our variety of new experiences. We supply fishing equipment as natural as possible, claiming the maximum quality und functionality and, of course, the feature of being 100% leadfree. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do. We would appreciate your feedback. Thanks for supporting us – Karsten and the FISHSTONE – Crew.

Karsten Jaszkowiak

At the early age of five I startet off fishing through my dad. I started of fishing from my granddads jetty at the Schwielochsee in Brandenburg with a simple stick that had a line tied to it. The hobby quickly turned into a passion. At the earliest possible age I completed my fishing license. At the age of 19 I discovered fishing specifically for carp.

Possibly as a result of moving to hectic Berlin, I particularly enjoyed every trip into nature from 2014 onwards, spending about 50 nights near the water in that year alone. Naturally with a growing passion, the technical equipment also grew. I comprehensively researched all techniques, tricks and rigs for fishing carp. During this time my appreciation of nature grew, and I began to deal with the problem of pollution in our waterways. After every fishing trip I carefully collected all the rubbish in the area. A change of thinking began in my head, and as it turns out, the same thing was happening to a lot of other anglers. Particularly passionate anglers, that often meet each other on the waterways, concerned themselves increasingly with reducing their impact on the environment.

I wish to support this growing movement in that I advance the technical possibilities for sustainable fishing. I want to do my part in raising the ecological awareness of fishing, to give every person, including those of future generations, the opportunity of experiencing nature without pollution and in its’ well protected beauty.

FISHSTONE offers me the opportunity to combine this dream of self-employment with my professional and financial independence. It gives me the opportunity to reconcile an economically promising idea with my desire for ecologically sustainable living.